Academic editing and proofreading

Knowledge is power; and for an academic, his or her research is the means to wield that power. However, not all scholars, no matter how knowledgeable, can be expected to perform as impeccable writers. And if you find yourself struggling with the mechanics and craft of research writing and are overwhelmed by little details like formatting and citations, believe us when we say this: you are not alone.

In course of researching your topic and developing your arguments under strict deadlines, it is only natural to lose the distance and bandwidth you need to fine-tune and organize your work. And this is where BookMyEditor’s specialist team of academic editors come in. As your second pair of trained eyes, we are equipped to locate and weed out all language and typographical errors, fix each and every internal consistency issue, and ensure that the referencing, citations, and formatting of your work adhere strictly to your target journal’s guidelines. These routine checks, however, are just the tip of our copy-editing iceberg. By hiring us, you also allow us the chance to engage deeply with your work as your writing aides. Our in-depth knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of academic writing and passion for scholarly language and clarity enable us to uplift the quality of your work to expert degrees. No matter how complex the subject matter, we are trained to improve your language and flow of ideas, streamline your paper’s structure, and develop your core arguments by removing repetition and highlighting critical information – all of this without interfering with your intended meaning in any way.

By placing your work in our safe hands, you can rest assured that the fruit of your research will meet all international language, style, referencing, and formatting guidelines applicable to your document. So book your editor right now, and help us help you find publishing success.

Book my editor's proofreading services include correcting your document for:

  • Correction of all grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes

    Grammar and typographical mistakes can greatly harm your research work’s credibility. Our eagle-eyed proofreading ensures that your paper is free of all such mistakes. We care where the comma and period marks go at the end of quotations, and our attention to punctuation ensures that the en/em dashes and colons are used correctly.

  • Refinement of usage and syntax

    Following rules of syntax becomes challenging when you’re in the flow of writing. Our attention to detail ensures that your paper is free of all usage errors, and that maximum readability is achieved by fixing all issues pertaining to sentence fragments and lack of parallel sentence constructions.

  • Checking of all technical terms

    We ensure that all your technical terms are correctly and consistently spelled, capitalized, hyphenated, and formatted. Details like spacing between units, symbols, and operators and consistent usage of periods after letters are also taken care of.

  • Consistent use of abbreviations

    We make sure that all abbreviations are expanded at the first instance and used consistently thereafter.

  • Implementation of internal consistency

    Our services ensure that your paper has flawless internal consistency – right from small details like UK/US spelling regulations and usage of straight/curly quotation marks to consistently formatted headings, paragraph spacing, and indentations.

Book my editor's line editing services include correcting your document for:

  • Word-level enhancement: Technical vocabulary and academic language

    What sets academic writing apart from all other kinds of writing is the presence of technical jargons and the idiosyncratic language of the academia. We take meticulous care that your paper meets the highest standards in terms of academic language, style, and tone, with every weak choice of wording and phrasing improved for a more scholarly one.

  • Sentence-level enhancement: Improvement of logic, flow, and clarity, including appropriate use of transitional phrasing and discourse markers

    Academic documents often suffer from ambiguous expression of ideas, unclear sentence constructions, and unnecessary verbosity. Our editors work hard to improve the logic and flow of your ideas one sentence at a time. We are skilled at clarifying and strengthening your arguments by employing a wide array of editing techniques, without interfering with the core content in any way.

  • Paragraph-level enhancement: Refinement of paragraph organization and structure

    Our editors, who are sensitive to the importance of argument and analysis, ensure that your paragraphs are organized and structured to achieve maximum readability and cohesion. This includes ensuring that the topic, supporting, and concluding sentences are in place, and that your ideas and arguments flow seamlessly from one paragraph to the next. To achieve this, we offer restructuring suggestions and elicit missing information from writers wherever necessary. All logical errors and inconsistencies in your argument are pointed out with remedial inputs, and we identify for you those points or ideas that require additional supporting statements.

  • Document-level enhancement: Ensuring that your work adheres to the structure of an ideal research paper

    Our trained academic editors have the map of an ideal research paper imprinted on their minds. This enables us to check if all necessary sections of your paper are present and logically structured. In addition, we also ensure the following:
    • The abstract is concise and includes all expected points and keywords
    • The introduction provides an informative background to the research topic, highlighting where your research problem/thesis statement comes in
    • The literature review addresses the gap in the existing pool of knowledge and how your work seeks to fill these gaps
    • The research problems and objectives are clearly stated and developed in the main body
    • The chosen research methodology is explained clearly
    • The discussion/results section shows how the research objectives have been met
    • The conclusion elucidates how your work contributes to the existing pool of knowledge, indicating both limitations and scope for future research

  • Word reduction, if necessary

    It is only common to overshoot word limits when engrossed in translating your research efforts into words; and academics don’t always have the distance required from their writing to resolve this issue on their own. Our editors have some nifty word reduction tricks up their sleeves and are trained at spoting and removing repetions. Additionally, if required, we can also highlight for you the lesser important parts of your paper that can be removed to achieve the required brevity.

  • Extensive rewording, if necessary

    Even the best of research papers can fall flat in certain sections, diluting the final impact of your work. While editing, we will be sure to point out these lesser flattering parts to you and reword them to perfection.

Book my editor's referencing services include correcting your document

  • Complete, consistent, and accurate in-text citations as per your journal’s guidelines

    We will ensure that the titles of larger sources and shorter works are cited as per your target journal’s guidelines. We will also point out for you all missing in-text references or those ideas of yours that could improve in terms of academic validity if citations to pre-existing research works are made.

  • Formatted bibliography, accurately generated as per your journal’s guidelines

    Our editors have in-depth knowledge of several referencing guidelines such as the APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Vancouver, IEEE, to name a few. We also take care of small details such as the alphabetical arrangement of your reference list and accurate indentation and line spacing.

  • Cross-checking your in-text references with your reference list

  • Changing from one referencing system to another if required

Book my editor's formatting services include correcting your document

  • Top-to-bottom formatting of your paper as per university submission guidelines

    In addition to making your paper’s formatting submission-ready as per your university’s guidelines, our editors will also take care of small details like checking the heading numbering and ensuring that the Table of Contents/List of Tables/List of Figures match corresponding entries in the main body. Additionally, you can be assured that your edited document will be consistently formatted in terms of font, emphasization, line/paragraph spacing, and indents.

  • Formatting of preliminary pages, such as Title page, Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables, and List of Abbreviations

  • Formatting of tables and figures for neatness and consistency

  • Formatting of appendices for neatness and consistency

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  • Grammar, Punctuation
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  • Reference formatting
  • Document formatting
  • Word choice
  • Sentence structure
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  • Grammar, Punctuation
  • Spelling, Consistency
  • Reference formatting
  • Document formatting
  • Word choice
  • Sentence structure
  • Paper structure


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  • Grammar, Punctuation
  • Spelling, Consistency
  • Reference formatting
  • Document formatting
  • Word choice
  • Sentence structure
  • Paper structure