What is a service type? Which one do I choose?

Service type depends on the intended audience of your document. Our service offering differs slightly from each other for each service type, please select it carefully. There are five service types. 1. Academic: Select this if your intended audience is academic scholars or school, college, university professors. 2. Business: Select this if your intended audience is any business or professional. 3. Job seekers: Select this if your intended audience is interviewers at an organization. 4. University applicants: Select this if you are applying for studies at school, college, university. 5. Authors: Select this if you are writing your own material.

Which package type is better suited for me?

Selecting the package type depends on the level of English written in the document. As a general guideline, if you're not very comfortable with written English, select Proofreading package. If you're confident about your written English skills and would like to polish the language, select the line editing package. For details of what each package offers, please visit the appropriate service type section of the website. Example: Academic, Business, Job seekers, University applicants or Authors.

Which referencing style should I choose?

Referencing style selection only applies to Academic documents such as a research paper, journal article. Other type of documents would not need to select a referencing style. You can find out more about the referencing style you need to format your references in with your school, college or university. Please also note that we only provide formatting for the reference list you have already provided. We do not conduct research and create a reference list for you.

What are supporting documents?

Any reference material that you would like our editors to see in order to edit your document should be uploaded here. Don't worry if you don't have any. If you have multiple supporting documents, add them to a zip file and upload them. Supporting documents are NOT edited by us and they are not included in your price calculation. The only document that is edited is the one uploaded for editing. Examples of supporting document would be: A referencing style guide from your university.

Why do you need my location?

We ask for your location in order to provide you with an accurate turnaround time in your time zone. We do not share any of your data with any third party. All of your personal data is only used to provide you with our services.

Which turnaround type is better suited for me?

The turnaround time that you select is dependent on you. If you are in a hurry and would like to receive your document early, you can select the earlier turnaround times. Please note that the turnaround times are indicative estimates. Although our aim is to deliver the edited documents within the time selected by you, the delivery of your edited documents may be delayed beyond what time you have selected owing to various factors but not limited to the quality required for your document, availability of editors best suited to edit your documents.

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What is a draft file?

A draft file is the file you have uploaded for editing.

What is a tracked file?

A tracked file is where you can see what changes have been made to your document. This file is just for you to see what changes have been made. Those changes are not implemented in this file. You should be able to see many dashed out or underlined words in your document. If you don't, please go to the tracking section of the review tab in your word processor and enable "All Markup". You should also be able to see the comments made by your editor. These comments contain some suggestions for you to review and implement the changes in your document.

What is a clean file?

A clean file is where all of the changes you could see in the tracked file have been implemented. This file is ready for you to use after editing. Please note that the changes recommended in comments that you could see in the tracked file are not implemented. You need to review each comment and implement the recommendations yourself.

What is a notes file?

If our editors have anything that they would like to say about your document apart from the recommendations in the comments, it can be found in the notes file. We provide a notes file based on the quality requirements of the document. This file is provided based on the discretion of our editors and our quality control specialists. So, don't worry if you don't find a notes file for your order. Your document didn't need a separate notes file.


What services can I request from this page?

If you have any issues related to editing, payment or refunds related to your order, you can raise them here.

What happens when I raise a service request?

If you have any issues related to the editing, your order will be reopened for editing and an editor will be assigned to your order. You will be notified of the turnaround for the same. If you have any other issues, our customer support team will get in touch with you to understand the issue and provide a solution.